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it's about
you, the
real you

lets do the dang thing!


I'm Meg, 29 years young and really holding onto this year :P
I live in the blue ridge mountains of central VA with my boyfriend Nate, our spirited 5 year, Saylor and our best 8 year old pup, Prince. It all started when i realized light is ever changing, and so are we. You blink and your little baby is 5, almost six. and your 6 week old pup, is turning 8. time PLEASE freeze, REALLY!

we may not be able to freeze time, but we can embrace the golden parts of life, and freeze them so we can remember and cherish them for a lifetime. and i think this is why i love photogoraphs so much. they can instanly take you back to a time of so much warmth, love and timeless beauty. and just make you smile.

when it comes to our session i want it to feel just like that! So simple, so beautiful, so soul filling, and leave you feeling like a kid on christmas morning with photographs you can't wait to share with your family or hang on your wall! Forreal though!! You know those memories you look back on and just smile cheek to cheek reliving?

Like that moment when you first smell the beach + put your toes in the sand, the smell of fresh breakfast on a sunday morning, "just because" fresh cut flowers, the text from an old but great friend, taking an evening stroll that leaves you feeling uplifted, or even that song that comes on and gives you chillybumps because it touches the inner parts of your soul. simple, yet so worth holding onto, feeling, and reliving over + over.  

That's how I want this session to feel and be remembered. Let loose, love on yourself/+ your people, and just remember you are the magic and your story is worth telling and holding onto for a limetime + more, I promise you! 

I can't wait to meet you!

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